Child Safety Reference Frameworks

Previous work by ECSA at the national level indicated that while policy and legislation are often set at the national level, a great deal of the necessary implementation and enforcement of child safety strategies occurs at the sub-national level where less is known about child safety policies in place and greater investigation would be beneficial.

Led by the University of Maastricht and based on methodology developed for the EC funded BEN II project, four Child Safety Reference Frameworks (CSRF) were developed, one for each of four broad areas of child safety examined under the TACTICS project (road safety, home safety, water safety and intentional injury prevention). The CSRF are tables containing the state of the art on evidence based policies and interventions implementable at the regional level that are designed to:

  • support decision makers in planning for child injury prevention at the regional or local level by identifying those strategies where the adoption, implementation and monitoring are more likely to result in reduction in injury.
  • serve as the basis for a regional or community assessment or evaluation examining the level of adoption and implementation of evidence-based child injury prevention strategies.

After the CSRFs were developed they were piloted tested as a reference tool for a situational analysis by assessing current child injury prevention action in six regions of six different countries in the European Union - Czech Republic: Moravia Silesia, Finland: Southern Kymenlaakso, Germany: North Rhine-Westphalia, Hungary: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Spain: Catalonia, Sweden: Västra Götaland).

Using a questionnaire based on the CSRFs the pilot looked at both whether the actions identified in the CSRFs were underway in the regions and their ‘coverage’ - what proportion of the specific target audience of each action covered. The analysis then used a ‘rapid appraisal method’ to examine current policy action. The final report contains the details on the rapid appraisal method and the results of the application to the six regions.

Reference Frameworks for rapid appraisal of child injury prevention interventions at the sub-national level: applied in 6 sub-national regions in Europe (4.00mb)

Child Safety Reference Frameworks for evidence-based injury prevention strategies at the sub-national level (769kb)