Injury reports

Children living in European countries experience some of the highest and lowest rates of child injury in the world. More than 42,000 children die from injury in Europe each year; that is at least 115 children each day, making injury the number one cause of death for children aged 5 to 19 years in Europe. The European Child Safety Alliance has taken an active role in the preparation of all three reports.

Read the Alliance press release (PDF 168kb).

World report on child injury prevention

Mounting a response to injuries requires more than one sector, and the lack of ownership and leadership of the task has led to fragmented activity and a lack of coordination. Organized effort by society can prevent childhood injury, but this requires strong and sustained commitment across all levels of government and society, as well as the necessary resources, capacity and policy frameworks for effective multidisciplinary action. This report highlights the impact injury has world wide on children and reports levels on prevention measures that can be used to reduce injury as well as actions that could be harmful.

Read the report on the WHO global website.

European focus report on child injury prevention

The European report highlights that injuries are a leading cause of death and disability among children, presents evidence on how injuries can be prevented and calls for greater commitment and action among policy-makers and practitioners to decrease the burden of injuries. This report is a companion document to the World report on child injury prevention and will be hopefully used across the European Region to highlight the magnitude of the problem and support policy-makers, professionals and activists in mainstreaming the child injury prevention agenda both within and outside the health sector.

Read the report on the WHO Europe Regional Office website.

Have Fun, Be Safe (child friendly version)

In addition to the full and summary versions of the World report on child injury prevention, UNICEF and WHO have produced a child-friendly version which aims to inform children, aged 7 - 11 years, about various types of injuries and how these may be prevented. Using a mixture of facts, puzzles, games and other visual material, this document is freely downloadable.

Read the report on the WHO global website.
Read the report on the UNICEF website.

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