Passenger Safety

Children as passengers

Fatalities and injuries to child car occupants under 10 years of age remain high in Europe, and this can be attributed to the fact that nearly half of these injuries are caused by the child riding unrestrained in the car.

The use of child car seats and seat belts is critical to injury prevention in the case of an accident. Youths age 15 to 19 make up a high risk group as both drivers and passengers, due to the lack of experience driving and increeased risk taking. Boys make up 75% of road traffic fatalities for this age group.

Factsheet: Childhood road safety (PDF 164kb)

Current EU national level policy on road safety - passengers

Further charts are available in the Child Safety Report Card 2012: Europe Summary for 31 Countries (PDF 9mb).

Passenger Graph Passenger Map

Good practices for prevention: proven effective prevention measures

This chart is taken from the Child Safety Good Practice Guide.

Passenger Chart

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