Drowning and water safety

Swimming pool

Drowning is the second leading cause of injury death to children in Europe. Whether they occur at home, or on vacation, drowning happens very quickly. Learn here who is at risk and how you can prevent it.

Including tips on boating, water sports from snorkeling to SCUBA diving, child-friendly pools and garden ponds, swimming lessons and smart vacation planning, The European Child Safety Alliance offers the following information to help you keep children safe by the water.

Water recreation

Protecting children and youths in water recreation

Developed with the support of the European Commission and in collaboration with professional water recreation associations and injury prevention experts across Europe, these guidelines provide facts on injuries and hazards, and outline specific safety recommendations for 13 common water settings. The guidelines help those in the tourism and water recreation industries tailor their services for both fun and safety.

Drowning and Water Safety Factsheets

Be Water Wise

Be Water Wise

Be Water Wise is a water safety and drowning prevention campaign of the European Child Safety Alliance in partnership with Johnson & Johnson - Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Water Wise resources for parents, caregivers and health care professionals

Current EU national level policy on water safety / drowning prevention

Further charts are available in the Child Safety Report Card 2012: Europe Summary for 31 Countries (PDF 9mb).

Drowning Graph Drowning Map

Good practices for prevention: proven effective prevention measures

This chart is taken from the Child Safety Good Practice Guide.

Drowning Chart 1 Drowning Chart 2

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