In spite of decreases over the last 20 years, injury remains the leading cause of child and adolescent death and disability in France.

Injury prevention work to address child and adolescent injury in France is occurs under the leadership of several ministries including the Ministries of Health, Finance, the Interior, Equipment and Sport. France is represented on the European Child Safety Alliance Steering Group by the Commission de la Sécurité des Consommateurs (CSC) and on the Child Safety Action Plan initiative by the Institut National de Prevention et d‘Education pour la Santé (INPES).

The current priority areas for child and adolescent injury prevention and safety promotion include road safety, home safety and drowning prevention and supporting the adoption and implementation of the national injury prevention plan, an initiative led by the Ministry of Finance which includes specific goals and objectives related to child safety.

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Child Safety Action Planning

Below you will find Child Safety Report Cards and Profiles for France, who is a participant country in the TACTICS project and both phases of the past Child Safety Action Plan initiative, along with a link to their planning document. Development of a national child safety action plan is in progress.

Injury Data

The Injury Data section provides bar graphs comparing France's injury death rates with the injury death rates for the other countries in the WHO European Region. Bar graphs are provided in PDF format for easy download for all unintentional injury deaths and by external cause of unintentional injury topic using data from the WHO Mortality Database and the European Report on Child Injury Prevention. In addition, bar graphs for suicide and homicide are also provided, however these data are slightly older.

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