Child Safety Report Cards 2009

The Child Safety Report Cards, developed as part of the Child Safety Action Plan initiative, are overviews that summarise countries' levels of safety provided to their youngest and most vulnerable citizens through national policy. They are based on an examination of evidenced good practices policies to support child and adolescent safety in each country. Included are policies in nine injury areas (passenger/driver safety, motor scooter and moped safety, pedestrian safety, cycling safety, water safety/drowning prevention, fall prevention, burn prevention, poisoning prevention, choking/strangulation prevention) and leadership, infrastructure and capacity strategies to support child injury prevention efforts.

The intent in developing the report cards was to provide countries with an informed starting place for child safety action planning by identifying where they were at with adopting, implementing and enforcing what we know to work. This required the assembling of a more comprehensive set of indicators that looked at more than just measures of burden. The resulting report cards provide one way of identifying strengths and weaknesses or gaps and a means of monitoring and/or benchmarking progress towards a comprehensive policy response to the issue of child injury.

Report Card Summary

Child safety report cards, accompanying profiles and a summary report card for Europe were first issued in 2007 for 18 countries and in 2009 for 26 countries. Another set is planned for 2011/2012 as part of the TACTICS project.

Press release (En) (PDF 120kb)
Press release (Fr) (PDF 120kb)

A 24 country summary of Member States' performances with respect to the level of safety provided to children and adolescents based on over 100 proven effective prevention national level strategies and policies.

Child Safety Report Card 2009: Europe Summary for 24 countries (PDF 6.6mb)

Country Report Cards and Profiles

Country report cards

Report cards summarise a country's performance with respect to the level of safety provided to children and adolescents based on over 100 proven effective national level strategies and policies.

Profiles provide child injury facts and rates for each country by specific injury area, plus information on socio-demographic determinents and availability of affordable child safety equipment.

Child Safety Action Plans

A large scale initiative whose aim is to develop government endorsed national action plans in countries in Europe. Child safety report cards and profiles are developed as part of this initiative.

Find out more about Child Safety Action Plans.

Good Practice Guide

Provides detailed information on evidence-based good practices for child safety, including case studies of selected practices in action in Europe. The Good Practice Guide has been developed as part of the child safety action plan initiative.

Find out more about the Child Safety Good Practice Guide.


The Child Safety Report Card: Europe Summary for 24 Countries (PDF 6.6mb) provides a multi-country overview to facilitate European-level planning to support national level efforts.

The Child Safety Report Cards summarise a country's performance to July 2008 with respect to the level of safety provided to children and adolescents through national level policy.

The Child Safety Profiles provide a standard set of measures of the burden of children and adolescents injuries overall and by issue area, and information on socio-demographic determinants and availability and affordability of child safety equipment.

Please note the downloadable files range from approx. 2-4 megabytes so may take a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your connection.

Country Report card download (PDF) Country profile download (PDF)
Austria Report card Country profile
Belgium Report card Country profile
Cyprus Report card Country profile
Czech Republic Report card (En)
Report Card (Cz)
Country profile (En)
Country Profile (Cz)
England Report card Country profile
Estonia Report card Country profile
Finland Report card Country profile
France Report card Country profile
Germany Report card Country profile
Greece Report card Country profile
Hungary Report card Country profile
Iceland Report card Country profile
Ireland Report card Country profile
Israel Report card (En)
Report card (Il)
Country profile
Italy Report card Country profile
Latvia Report card Country profile
Lithuania Report card (En)
Report card (Lt)
Country profile (En)
Report card (Lt)
Luxembourg Report card Country profile
Malta Report card Country profile
Netherlands Report card Country profile
Portugal Report card (En)
Report card (Pt)
Country profile (En)
Report card (Pt)
Scotland Report card Country profile
Slovenia Report card Country profile
Spain Report card Country profile
Sweden Report card Country profile
Wales Report card (En)
Report card (Wales)
Country profile


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