Highlights from the European Launch of the 2012 Child Safety Report Cards

Joanne Vincenten, John Dalli and Malcolm Harbour

On June 12, 2012, the European Child Safety Alliance launched the third round of child safety report cards in the European Parliament, Strasbourg. The launch, which was hosted by MEP Malcolm Harbour and European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli, was attended by many policy makers, including MEPs from Germany, Ireland, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, and the UK.

Following the press conference, which was live streamed from the Parliament on the Commission´s website, the report cards were exhibited in the Parliament Gallery from June 11 – 14. The display was a unique opportunity to have MEPs come by and discuss their country´s child safety report cards results and needed action. Having all 31 country report cards displayed in the Parliament Gallery allowed quick and clear comparisons of countries´ scores and performance in the uptake of child safety policies.

Joanne Vincenten and John Dalli Zofija Mazej Kukovic and Romana Jordan

An editorial and articles on the child safety report cards have since appeared in The Lancet, The Parliament Magazine, British Medical Journal, and in numerous national media such as Le Monde, Figaro, and RTE, Press TV, and Radio France Internationale. Simultaneously, national launches hosted by ECSA country partners took place in most of the 31 countries, and we will continue to profile their launch stories individually.

The European Commission, Consumer Affairs and Health, The EU Health Portal, ANEC, ETSC, EuroCare, EuroChild, Heal, Johnson & Johnson, EPHA, EUPHA, OECD, Safe Communities Network, UNICEF and WHO all spread the message further with articles and announcements in their print and online media outlets.

In Autumn 2012 the European Child Safety Alliance will release a related product: country report cards which assess intentional injury prevention.

Click here to view and download the child safety report cards.

Comments from key policy makers about the report cards

Gay Mitchell Pat the Cope Gallagher Minodora Cliveti

"Ireland can do more to save children´s lives. More safety policies need to be implemented and enforced."

– MEP Gay Mitchell, Ireland.

"Ireland needs to also impress upon drivers to take responsibility for their own safety as well as others. Transport safety is a leading cause of deaths in Ireland."

– MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher, Ireland

"Children also need to be informed of their rights to safety and be included in the decisions to ensure their health and safety is a priority."

– MEP Minodora Cliveti, Romania

"Impact assessment of policy is crucial but it just isn´t happening. Monitoring needs to be incorporated before a policy is put in place to ensure that the necessary data for measuring impact are available. This will require the cooperation and commitment of many sectors, but it is a critical gap right now and without it we cannot demonstrate which child safety policies are having the most effect."

– MEP Malcolm Harbour, UK

"I believe we must do everything we can to ensure the safety of the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society across Europe. This is why the EU Health Programme supports initiatives to reduce accidents and injuries. The European Union and its Member States must cooperate and act to ensure the right of all children to safety. The uptake of evidenced based strategies shown in these report cards can help in improving child safety."

– European Commissioner John Dalli

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