2012 News


21/12/12 - ECSA Winter Workshop Presentations Now Available Online

This year's topics: Child Bicycle Safety in Europe, and Integrating Child Injury Prevention into Professional and Academic Curricula.

18/12/12 - World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2013

The call for abstracts has been extended to 31 January, the conference will be held in Germany on October 20 - 22.

18/12/12 - New: ANEC, ECSA and Euro NCAP's joint statement on child safety in cars (PDF 142kb)

Based on evidence of their superior safety, we are strongly in support of rearward-facing CRS for older children.

18/12/12 - ECSA Founding Member Dr. Erwin Van Kerschaver to Retire

Belgium country partner representative Dr. Erwin Van Kerschaver has announced his upcoming retirement.

18/12/12 - French beer tax- a step in the right direction

The French government has increased tax on beer by 160% which will help address alcohol related harm and improve public budget.

07/12/12 - Poverty and Child Injury

ECSA highlights the connection at EPHA's Parliament event, From Rhetoric to Action: Tackling Child Poverty and Promoting Children's Health and Well Being

02/10/12 - ECSA presents at ISCAIP's Biennial meeting in New Zealand

Influencing the uptake of good practices.

06/08/12 - Children in Hot Cars: Often a Tragic Mistake

Even in mild summer weather, the temperature in a car quickly rises to dangerous levels for children, whose body temperature rises 3 to 5 times faster than adults.

09/07/12 - Preventing Alcohol Harm at an EU Level

Event highlights the breadth of alcohol harm and the urgency of unified EU action.

03/07/12 - Country Focus: Bulgaria's 2012 Report Card Launch

Tying to community organisations and action

02/07/12 - Country Focus: Ireland's 2012 Report Card Launch

Building on strong MEP Support

02/07/12 - Highlights from the European Launch of the 2012 Child Safety Report Cards

On June 12, 2012, the European Child Safety Alliance launched the third round of child safety report cards in the European Parliament, Strasbourg.

01/06/12 - Kick Off meeting for the PROSAFE Joint Action on Fireworks

Out of the 27,000 injuries annually, over 50% are to children 19 and younger.

31/05/12 - Ireland's Water Safety Week 2012

In advance of the holidays, IWS leads a dynamic campaign to prevent child drownings.

24/05/12 - Launch of Plan of Action for the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention (GCVP) for the period 2012-2020

The Plan presents six national level goals and strategies to help reduce violence, including child maltreatment.

09/05/12 - ECSA attends High Level Conference - "EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives"

Success stories from funded health programmes shared and priorities for the third programme discussed.

09/05/12 - NGOs call for a comprehensive Alcohol Policy Strategy in the EU 2013-2020

EC should better regulate alcohol marketing and protect children and youth from alcohol's harm.

30/04/12 - Comprehensive CDC Child Unintentional Injury Report Released

Report covering 2000 - 2009 shows unintentional injury remains leading cause of death, with increases in teen poisonings and infant suffocation.

20/04/12 - 2012 Child Safety Report Cards soon to be launched

Launch will take place on June 12 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg with the support of MEP Malcolm Harbour and Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli.

20/04/12 - Unique Youth and Road Safety Action Kit launched

Accessible and scientific global guide written for young people by young people.

02/04/12 - Israel's Child Safety Action Plan receives government endorsement

Multi Ministry Committee to implement plans

12/03/12 - Children as Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence

EU Symposium highlights new strategies for protecting children.

12/03/12 - New ECSA Website Feature: Unsafe Products Link

Children's clothes,  toys and childcare products dominate unsafe product reports.

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