2011 News


30/11/11 - UCL Institute of Health Equity Launches European Review

The Marmot Review team has launched a consultation on the social determinants of health in Europe. Read about the review and the Alliance's submission.

24/11/11 - Several European Commission Directorates acting on TACTICS

EC workshop emphasised collaborative action between DGs to support child injury prevention.

18/11/11 - World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims

Road accidents have become the leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 29, and are the leading cause of death and severe injuries among children aged 0–14 years.

18/11/11 - First Swedish Child Safety Conference

The Child Safety Forum carried out its first national conference in Karlstad (Sweden) on October 3-4.

31/10/11 - TACTICS Scientific Committee At Work

Members of the TACTICS Scientific Coordinating Committee met in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 17-19th.

14/10/11 - First TACTICS Workshop Focuses on National Case Studies

On October 5-6, 2011, ECSA national partners from 27 countries met in Rome for the first TACTICS workshop

13/10/11 - EU memo on toy safety

A number of recent media reports have made incorrect claims about the new Toy safety Directive, which entered into force on 20 July 2011.

07/10/11 - ECSA wins the European Health Award 2011

The European Child Safety Alliance has received the Award of the European Health Forum Gastein for a (Health) Policy Initiative of European Importance.

07/10/11 - Alliance Fall Meeting

Members from over 25 countries hosted by the Italian Ministry of Health.

07/10/11 - Janice Cave of RoSPA Receives ECSA Honour

First recipient of the founding member certificate.

07/10/11 - EPHA position on the Health for Growth programme

ECSA supports EPHA's priorities for EU health programmes 2014-2020.

29/07/11 - England: Dept. of Health adds injury as key responsibility of local authorities

CAPT has developed a local networking resource in support.

29/07/11 - WHO releases short course series on injury and violence

Violence and injury prevention short courses provide a complete training resource for facilitators around the world.

01/07/11 - New WHO publication highlights practical solutions to burn prevention

Burn prevention: success stories, lessons learned presents the evidence for a variety of successful burn prevention strategies from around the world.

30/06/11 - Just 11 cents per person in EU health spending?

The European Commission´s newly released plans for 2014 - 2020 provide little support for public health.

20/06/11 - Alcohol and injuries to children in Europe

Europeans consume more alcohol than anywhere else in the world, and alcohol greatly increases injury risk. Whether in the form of accidents or abuse fueled by alcohol, children are very often the victims.

20/06/11 - Slovenian Ministry of Health commits to adopting National Child Safety Action Plan

The plan is based on the results and recommendations of Slovenia´s child safety report card and profile.

20/06/11 - 3rd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Injury experts and key stakeholders from 40 countries gathered in Budapest on June 16 and 17.

14/06/11 - Highlighted: Hot Drinks Harm short film

ECSA applauds the North Bristol NHS Trust for this very short and effective film created to increase awareness of burn injury risks.

25/05/11 - World Health Assembly adopts child injury resolution

The Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly has adopted a resolution on child injury prevention, the first ever on the topic.

10/05/11 - ECSA's Good Practice Guide Going Global

ECSA was honored when Safe Kids Canada asked to partner on a Canadian edition of ECSA's European resource.

21/04/11 - Child Injury Prevention included in European Charter for Health Equity

The charter launched in Brussels with over 110 European organization signatories

21/04/11 - 2 new child safety report cards

The addition of report cards and country profiles for Malta and Luxembourg, the Alliance now has comparable Child Safety Report Cards for 26 European countries.

21/04/11 - Unsafe lighters still sold in EU remain risk to children

3 years after an EC Decision, the vast majority of lighters still do not meet safety requirements.

10/03/11 - ECSA supports the European Charter for Health Equity: Sign now to show your support too!

With the approval of over 30 country partners, ECSA has added its voice to the growing number of organisations signing on to the European Charter for Health Equity. This important charter has been prepared under the European Public Health Alliance's leadership and will be presented to European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli on April 14. All stakeholders working in health, poverty and human rights are urged to sign the charter before the end of March deadline.

04/03/11 - Changes to Alliance Website

We are pleased to launch this new, more streamlined version of our website. We hope the changes will provide users with greater ease in navigation. New features include an expanded country map, where you can find country injury data, country report cards, as well as contact information for our partners.

04/03/11 - Alliance announces new hosting partnership with RoSPA

The European Child Safety Alliance is pleased to announce that we are now hosted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the UK. We’d also like to thank the Consumer Safety Institute in the Netherlands for hosting the Alliance through out its founding decade.

04/03/11 - TACTICS: Tools to Address Childhood Trauma, Injury and Children's Safety

The European Child Safety Alliance and over 30 participating county partners are preparing to launch a multi-year child safety initiative which has won the support of the European Commission. The project, which will run from April 2011 to March 2014, will develop practical tools and resources as building blocks for policy action.

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