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10/12/2010 - Alliance launches statement on tap water scalds

The European Child Safety Alliance has released a position statement and backgrounder on the danger of tap water scalds. The statement is supported by several European and international organisations and national partners from more than 20 countries (listed on the position statement).

02/12/2010 - Blind Cord Press Release: time for action

ANEC - the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation - and the European Child Safety Alliance welcome today’s action from the European Commission on making parents aware of the dangers posed by window blind cords.

29/10/2010 - Working on safer products imported to Europe

CSA was invited to present at the European Union Consumer and Product Safety Day parallel to the tri-lateral summit meetings between the EU, USA and China in Shanghai on October 25 and 26, 2010. More than 70% of children's toys and childcare products in Europe are manufactured in China.

18/10/2010 - Baby walkers: new joint position statement illuminates continued risks

ECSA and ANEC have released a joint position statement and background paper about the risk of injuries to young children caused by baby walkers. The position statement is supported by ECSA and ANEC country partners, representing expert organisations from over 30 EU countries who are concerned about this product's use. In many European countries, baby walkers are linked to more injuries than any other type of nursery equipment, causing an unacceptably high number of severe falls, burns and scalds, and poisonings.

22/09/2010 - Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) Initiative recognised at international meeting

The International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention (ISCAIP) Conference in Bristol on Sept 20, 2010, a side event to the World Congress on Injury Prevention in London, provided a number of opportunities for the European Child Safety Alliance to share the CSAP initiative with a broader audience.

08/09/2010 - Summer warning: Never Leave Children in Cars!

Most parents do not know that in temperatures as low as 22 degrees Celsius and in as little as 20 minutes, children are at risk of heat stroke when left in a vehicle. Temperatures inside a parked vehicle, even with the windows left open, rise extremely quickly. Sadly there are many fatal cases each summer.

02/07/2010 - ECSA Partners participate in drowning and rescue simulation

On June 18, The Spanish Association for Accident Victims (Asociacion Estatal de Victim de Accidentes) and Summa 112 emergency services held a drowning and rescue simulation in Madrid in order to call attention to the long standing problem of pool drownings in Spain, and to advocate for the adoption of goog practices such as pool fencing.

02/07/2010 - ECSA Spring steering group meeting

The biannual European Child Safety Alliance Spring Steering Committee meeting was hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Health on June 17, 2010 with participants from more than 20 countries.

02/07/2010 - 10th Anniversary Celebration of Child Safety Day in Germany

Each year for 10 years now, June 10 has been the date of national Child Safety Day in Germany, a special event held to increase awareness of child injuries and preventive measures.

28/05/2010 - Initiative for WHO-resolution on Child Injury prevention

On 22nd May, the Executive Board of the World Health Organization, which is the major steering instrument within the WHO-governance structure counting 34 members elected by the 193 WHO-member states, strongly endorsed the proposal for issuing a WHO-Resolution on Child Injury Prevention.

24/03/2010 - Susy Safe Project reports achievements in Final Meeting

24/03/2010 On the 24th March 2010 the Susy Safe Project final meeting was held in Brussels. The opening speeches were presented by representatives of two main partner institutions: Dr. Robert Nuij from DG-SANCO and Dr Francesco Piccarret from the Italian Representative in Brussels.

12/03/2010 - Child Safety highlighted at the 5th Ministerial Conference on Children's Environment and Health

Fifty three Member States of the WHO Euro Region and almost 1000 participants gathered in Parma Italy March 10 to 12 to work towards an improved environment for children's health. As part of this agenda the leading cause of child death, burden and inequity - injury - was included. The European Child Safety Alliance was an official delegate to the meeting and participated in a number of discussions and actions.

09/03/2010 - More children's lives can be saved

Amsterdam - An estimated 345 children across Europe will die from an injury during the three day Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Parma, Italy and this will happen despite the fact that we know what works to prevent many of these injuries.

24/02/2010 - EU event warns of corporate influence on health policies

The launch of a new policy review served as an opportunity for EU policy experts to warn that the health of citizens must be kept at the forefront of health policy formation, as opposed to the profit-oriented wishes of industry.

16/02/2010 - Alliance co-signs letter to Transport Commissioner Kallas in support of new road safety targets

The European Child Safety Alliance is a co-signatory on an open letter from European Transport Safety Council to Vice President Kallas, the new Commissioner of Transport, in support of ambitious targets for road safety.

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