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03/10/2006 - Home Safety campaign materials

The European Child Safety Alliance is in the process of finalising a series of home safety fact sheets which will be made available very shortly online.

03/10/2006 - Thousands seeking information on new child seats law in UK

Thousands of parents have contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for information on the new child car seat law which came into force on 18 September in the UK.

03/10/2006 - Fourth meeting of CEHAPE Task Force, 16 - 17 October 2006

On 16-17 October 2006, the CEHAPE Task Force will hold a meeting in Cyprus focussing on the progress being made to implement the Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) Regional Priority Goal 1.

04/09/2006 - Verona Conference Competition 2006

During the Fourth Ministerial Verona Conference, that will be held on 3-4 November 2006 by the Italian Ministry for Transport, one of the main themes is: 'Children Mobility and Road Safety Awareness'.

04/09/2006 - Helmet use saves lives

Increasing helmet use promoted as an effective method of reducing road injuries and deaths

27/06/2006 - Press release: Child Safety Good Practice Guide

More children's lives would be saved with investments in proven good practice in safety

27/06/2006 - Interview with Elsa Rocha

Pediatricians are the health care providers with the most access to parents and children.

26/06/2006 - Focus on Child safety

The time is right to invest in saving children's lives in Europe.

01/06/2006 - Landmark EU report shows the full burden of alcohol in Europe

Each year alcohol kills 115.000 people in Europe and costs 125 billion euros to EU society. This is equivalent to 1.3% GDP.

29/05/2006 - Exciting and 'safe' playgrounds

We need to see exciting and stimulating play areas with high play value. These will contribute to the physical and psychological development of the child.

27/04/2006 - Consultation on Child Injury Prevention in CEE/CIS Regional Office

Consultation on child injury prevention organized by UNICEF in Geneva

13/02/2006 - EPHA's calculations on the impact of the financial perspectives on the Health of EU citizens

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA, member of ECSA) is concerned by the lack of awareness or understanding by key EU-decision-makers about the impact of the budget agreement on health and therefore created a model letter to send to their MEP's, a fact-sheet which gives further details on the situation and the calculations and issued a press release on Avian Flu.

26/01/2006 - Prevention is less costly than cure - article in The European Voice Newspaper Jan. 26, 2006

Governments of the EU could reduce healthcare bills by investing in preventative policies to make Europe a safer place, according to healthcare lobby groups.

16/01/2006 - Deca story on flammable substances

Health NGO's welcome European Parliament Decision to challenge loop-hole for hazardous flame retardant

09/01/2006 - Toxins in children's clothing

Survey finds environmental toxins in children's all-weather clothing

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