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The European Child Safety Alliance was launched in 2000 with the ambition to make the lives of children living in Europe safer.

Today, more than 30 countries across Europe are working together to reduce the leading cause of death, disability and inequity to children in every Member State in the region - injury.


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Within our program 'Growing up safely' we try to achieve a safe start for all children and adolescents. To achieve this, we try to meet the needs and risks for each specific age group. In order to reduce injury we focus on protection and/or strengthening of physical, social and mental skills and risk competences. We aim at the most relevant settings (at home, school, in traffic and when going out with friends) in our attempt to prevent serious injuries and improve quality of life. We want all children and adolescents to be safe at home, in school/child care/kindergarden and on the road.

Research Article - Interventions to reduce accidents in childhood: a systematic review

Raquel S. Barcelos, Bianca Del-Ponte, Iná S. Santo

Objective: To review the literature on interventions planned to prevent the incidence of injuries in childhood.

Conclusion: Traumatic injuries in childhood are amenable to primary prevention through strategies that consider the child’s age and level of development, as well as structural aspects of the environment.

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