Clothes and Children's Toys Pose Highest Risks


The European Commission released its 2012 report on dangerous product notifications submitted to the EU Rapid Information System (RAPEX). The report, Keeping European Consumers Safe (PDF), indicates a 26% rise in the total number of alerts submitted, an increase attributed to enhanced enforcement work by EU and national authorities.

Topping the list were clothing and textile items, which represented 34% of alerts. Many of these items included children's clothing, with a notable number of problems pertaining to strangulation risks due to unsafe drawstrings and cords.

The second most frequently reported category was toys, which represented 19% of the notifications.

In total there were 2,278 notifications, of which 1,938 posed a serious risk to consumers. Injuries - as a general category - were the most common risk at 25%. However, taken altogether, four out of the top five highest risk categories were in fact injury categories, only more specific. These included electric shock, strangulation, and choking, showing that injuries as a whole actually represent the vast majority of the alerts (63%). The other risk category which appeared in the top five was chemical risks, representing 18% of the alerts.

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